The EuroTeX conference 1995, including tutorials, will take place from

September 4th until September 8th
in the Netherlands. The conference will be held at Papendal, near the city of Arnhem.

Papendal is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. Right in the middle of the vast woods of the province of Gelderland. About eight kilometers west of Arnhem. Tucked away under the lee of the green Veluwe-fringe.

The conference starts on September 4th in the afternoon and runs until September 7th noon.
Thursday afternoon and Friday September 8th are reserved for courses and/or tutorials.

The theme of the conference is:

Wherever we talk about `TeX' we mean TeX and a format, such as plain, LaTeX, AMSTeX, etc.

We would like to have talks that deal with topics such as:

We would also like to offer courses and/or tutorials on any of the following topics: If you feel qualified to teach one of these subjects or think other topics should be covered, please send us your proposal.

Please notice the following (preliminary) deadlines:

April 10th  : date when abstracts should be received
April 20th  : date to tell authors their abstract has been accepted/rejected
May 15th    : date to receive full papers (using LaTeX or EuroTeX style)
June 15th   : date the reviews should be finished
June 25th   : date to receive the final paper
Your abstracts and proposals can be sent to

If you have no access to e-mail you can send your contribution to:

EuroTeX'95 program committee
Kooienswater 62
2715 AJ Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
In such a case we would ask you, to submit your paper in electronic form on a (DOS) floppy disk.

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