Exchange rates for Dutch guilders

These are global indications of how much you will have to pay for 1 Dutch guilder (Dfl). Depending on the date and time and on the conditions of your bank and the phase of the moon, things may come out differently. I don't guarantee anything and I will not sell my guilders at these prices. Ask your local bank if you want to know official rates.

These are the rates at August 31, 1995

USA DOLLAR       0.63
AUS DOLLAR       0.85
BELG FRANK      18.90
CAN DOLLAR       0.85
DANI CROWN       3.66
DEUTS MARK       0.91
UK POUND         0.41
FINN MARK        2.77
FREN FRANK       3.23
GRK DRACHM     166.67
HUN FORINT      90.91
IRI POUND        0.40
ISR SHEKEL       2.08
ITAL LIRA     1098.90
JAPAN YEN       61.16
LUX FRANK       18.90
NOR CROWN        4.16
OST SHILL        6.39
POR ESCUDO     103.09
SPA PESETA      81.97
CZE CROWN       18.18
TUR POUND    40000.00
SWE CROWN        4.76
SWI FRANK        0.75

Last modified: Thu Aug 31 14:08:22 MDT 1995