EuroTeX 2001 : Call for Contributions


Call for contributions

At this conference we would like to take a new view on contributions.

  • Of course we welcome a presentation accompanied by a written paper, as usual.
  • But does it bother you to write a paper, or does your contribution seem fit for an interesting presentation but not for a written paper? We will welcome the presentation equally much, and do with only a short summary on paper or even entirely without the paper work.
  • Or do you find yourself in the opposite situation: You would like to clarify your new package or other work extensively on paper but believe that it would be unsuitable to cover it equally extensively in an oral presentation? Feel free to let us have your paper and at the conference present only the highlights.
  • Or do you believe your ideas only warrant a short presentation without a paper? It is equally welcome.

We do expect from each contributor a short summary of the proposed contribution. This summary will inform the Program Committee of your plan. And at the conference it will be the introduction to your contribution, or your complete contribution if that is what you propose.

We invite you to submit your proposal for a contribution to the conference. You can send it by email to If you have no access to e-mail you can send your contribution to:

EuroTeX 2001 Program Committee
Spuiboulevard 269
3311 GP Dordrecht
The Netherlands

In such a case we would ask you to submit your paper in electronic form on a floppy disk.

We are working with the following time schedule:

May 10deadline for receiving proposals
June 10deadline for receiving full draft papers
July 11end of review
August 11deadline for receiving final, reviewed papers

An up-to-date list of contributions as well as more information about the conference can be found at

Program Committee

The members of the Program Committee are:

  • Hans Hagen
  • Taco Hoekwater
  • Johannes Braams
  • Simon Pepping
  • Volker Schaa

The Program Committee can be reached at its email address


EuroTeX 2001 conference
EuroTeX 2001 Organizing Committee

Last modified 21 March 2001