EuroTeX 2001 : The Challenge


As you probably know, the theme of the EuroTeX 2001 conference is "TeX and Meta: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly".

Now here's a challenge for you: make a visual expression of this theme!

The rules are:
  • Your artwork must be TeX and/or Metafont/MetaPost based;
  • You may use other tools as well for minor functions;
  • Your artwork must be original;
  • Your artwork must be printable on a single A4 page;
  • Your artwork must be made available in a format suitable for publication on this web page;
  • You may submit as many artworks as you like;
  • The artwork will be exhibited during the conference;
  • Non-participants of the conference can submit, but cannot win;
  • All participants of the conference can vote for the best work of art;
  • The winner will be awarded!

Please submit your artwork to Below you can see what works of art have already been submitted:


EuroTeX 2001 conference
EuroTeX 2001 Organizing Committee

Last modified 22 September 2001