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Please fill out the form below to register for the EuroTeX 2001 conference.
If you feel you can't afford to attend this conference, please read about bursary funding and use this form anyway!

If you have already registered, but you would like to make changes to your registration, please use the registration update form.

Personal data

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asTeX CervanTeX Chinese TeX Users Group CSTUG
CyrTUG Dante DK-TUG Estonian User Group
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HunTeX Italic Lietovos TeX'o Vartotojų Grupė Nordic TeX Group
NTG TeXCeH TeX Mexico Tirant lo TeX
TUGIndia TUG-Philippines TUG UK TUG
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Conference fee

In contrast to most other TeX conferenties for EurTeX2001 we charge a flat fee that includes just about everything. No need to find a (much more expensive) hotel, no need to find a place to have lunch or dinner. It's all arranged for you at the beautiful Rolduc site, so you get every opportunity to focus on TeX and meet all the people you've been wanting to talk to.

The fee includes:

  • Lodging on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on conference site
  • Breakfast and lunch and dinner on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Conference proceedings
  • A special social event in Maastricht

Note that the fee rises as the conference date approaches. The earlier you register the less you pay. However, you are always allowed to pay more :-) In that case your name will be listed as sponsor of the conference. In case you or your company/institute would like to sponsor the conference in any (other) way, please see the sponsor pages!


In case you can't afford to attend this conference, you may apply for bursary funding. If you want to apply, please use the comment field at the end of this form to notify us. We will contact you for details.

EuroTeX bus

Exclusively for EuroTeX participants from eastern Europe a bus will run from Poland to Holland and back. If you are interested in this extremely cheap way to reach the conference, please check the EuroTeX bus pages.

Please select one:
LUG members:   others:
1 August or later: 650 Euro    800 Euro (sponsor!)

Note: the lower fee in the left column is only available for members of the TeX user groups, all other participants pay the higher fee in the right column.


There are single bedrooms and rooms with multiple beds (2 or 3) available. The number of single rooms is limited, so we can't guarantee you will get one. Please make your choice, (First come, first served!):

single room
shared room    (optional:) I want to share the room with:

I will stay until Friday 28 September (additional costs: 40 Euro)


Please choose the method of payment:

Bank transfer: transfer the correct amount to Postbank Amsterdam, swift code ING BNL 2A, account 1306238 of the NTG, Deil, The Netherlands. Please make sure to have transfer costs not to be charged to the NTG.
    Credit card: Mastercard Visa
Card number:  (if you don't want to send
Name on card:  this information through the Internet,
Expiration date:  leave these fields blank for now!)
CVC code:  3 extra digits printed on the back of the card

I need a signed invoice before payment can be made.

It's all right to publish my name on the online list of participants.

If there is anything else you need to tell us, write it here:

Please check everything you filled out carefully, and then...   Further instructions will follow.


EuroTeX 2001 conference
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