Excursion day

On Wednesday, we will have an all-day excursion followed by the conference dinner.




Delft city walk

new church

We will be taken on a guided walk through the city center of Delft. After the walk (about 90 minutes) there will be some free time to explore the city yourself, do some souvenir shopping, or enjoy a drink on one of the terraces.
For a brief introduction to the historic city of Delft, see wikitravel.




Visit of the windmills at Kinderdijk

Picture of Kinderdijk

The mills at Kinderdijk are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Our visit includes a presentation of the history of the Kinderdijk drainage works, and entrance to the visitors windmill, the steamworks that superceded the mills, and the modern pumps that superceded the steamworks.
See the Kinderdijk website for more information.



Our coach will drive us to our final destination via a touristic route through some of the most typical polders of Holland


Tour of Fort Vechten, followed by the conference dinner

Fort Vechten is the visitors' center for the Hollandse Waterlinie. After a tour through the fortress, the conference dinner will be held at one of the rooms of the fortress.
The website of Fort Vechten is available in Dutch only, unfortunately, but it has some nice pictures.

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