Instructions on Searching MAPS library

Principles of the search engine

  • Searching is not case-sensitive, unless the option "Case sensitive" is checked.
  • In words containing "TeX" (e.g. "LaTeX", "ConTeXt"), the letters "T" and "X" must be written as capitals, to avoid confusion with e.g. "text" or "texture".
  • The search string is interpreted as a Ruby regular expression. For more information, see thee tutorial.
  • Referencies to PDF files of matching items will not work in case the items are less than one year old. It's NTG's policy not to publish such recent items online.
  • The button "Search" starts the search for the given search string. If the search string is empty, everything matching the other criteria will be found.


  • A search can be performed in all fields of an item, or in only one, e.g. "author".
  • The search can be limited to specific types of items, such as "article", "book" or "proceedings".
  • All items published by NTG since 1988 (founding year) until now can be searched.
  • The results will allways show all fields except "keywords" and "abstract", unless those are checked.
  • The results can be sorted in several ways. "xmlid" is the sequential number within one publication.
  • The results can be presented in HTML (as a regular web page) or BibTeX. Optionally the results can be sent as a file, so you can easily save them.


Find all articles written by van Kees van der Laan:
Search for: Kees van der Laan
Search in: author
press Search
Find everything published in MAPS 9:
Search for: ^9$
Search in: MAPS volume
Sort by: xmlid
press Search
Get a BibTeX file of the complete MAPS bibliography:
Search for: [ empty ]
Sort by: xmlid
Output format: bibtex
Send as file: on
press Search
Find all articles written in English:
Search for: EN
Search in: language
press Search
Find everything published in proceedings:
Search for: [ empty ]
Limit to items of type: in proceedings
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