Taco Hoekwater
MAPS 2011.1 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 42, 2011, 1-110
maps.pdf (13201kb)
NTG's magazine

Taco Hoekwater
Redactioneel (Dutch)
MAPS 42, 2011, 1-1
01.pdf (29kb)

Announcement: TUG 2011 (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 2-2
02.pdf (2533kb)

Koen Wybo
Review of Typesetting tables with LaTeX by Herbert Voss (Dutch)
MAPS 42, 2011, 3-4
03.pdf (3668kb)

Nicolaas J.I. Mars
Review of Typesetting mathematics with LaTeX by Herbert Voss (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 5-6
04.pdf (472kb)

Willi Egger
A Personal Organizer: PocketDiary (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 7-14
05.pdf (153kb)
Maps, Context, module, lua
Sometimes, a cheap personal organizer on paper can come in handy. This solution prepared in ConTeXt MKIV provides a range of options to set up such a personal organizer. The point is, that the PocketDiary is printed on a single sided A4 landscape sheet of paper and then folded into a pocket size booklet hereby preventing that unprinted/empty pages are seen. The PocketDiary is easy to make and after 1 week it is simply replaced with a subsequent booklet. A detailed description is given of the system and how to set up a production file. At the end of the article instructions are included how to fold the booklet.

Hans Hagen
Tagged PDF (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 15-23
06.pdf (511kb)

Hans Hagen
Inter-character spacing and ligatures (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 24-26
07.pdf (94kb)

Kees van der Laan
8th March (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 27-33
08.pdf (581kb)
Adobe, afii, ASCII, CID, Cyrillic, EPSF, encoding vector, keyboard layout, lemniscate, minimal encapsulated PostScript, OTF, plain TeX, Photoshop, PSlib, qwerty, TeX works
An OTF with Cyrillic —- keyboard and glyphs —- is used in PostScript for an 8th March congratulation. The wired-in ASCII code table in TeX inhibits keyboarding Cyrillic.

Luigi Scarso
Extending CTX with PARI/GP (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 34-42
09.pdf (255kb)
LuaTeX, ConTeXt MARKIV, binding, PARI/GP
This paper shows how to build a binding to PARI GP, the well known computer algebra system, for ConTeXt MKiV, showing also some examples on how to solve some common basic algebraic problems.

Graham Douglas
Customised LaTeX page layout with LuaTeX (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 43-54
10.pdf (2969kb)
The relationship between LaTeX's page layout parameters and the conventional desktop publishing (DTP) model of a page are explored and formulae to map between them are presented. A sample implementation of those formulae in Lua is provided, showing how to achieve customised page layouts in LuaTeX. The placement of crop marks is addressed, and a technique for preparing and adding them to typeset pages is discussed.

Taco Hoekwater
LuaTeX Lua modules on Linux (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 55-56
11.pdf (44kb)
How to use the dynamic Lua module loading abilities in LuaTeX under Linux or similar systems.

Thomas A. Schmitz
Using ConTeXt with Databases (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 57-68
12.pdf (104kb)

Kees van der Laan
Gabo's Torsion (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 69-110
13.pdf (2243kb)
2.5D, art, AFII, ASCII, astroid, Bernstein polynomials, BoundingBox, Bézier cubic, de Casteljau algorithm, ConTEXt, cropping on-the-fly, EPSF, Gabo, hyperboloid, METAFONT, MetaPost, minimal encapsulated PostScript, plain TeX, projection, PSlib, stringed surface, TEXworks
Gabo's Torsion is emulated in EPSF, Encapsulated PostScript File format. Gabo's constructive art, Math, Computer Graphics and the use of PostScript are touched upon. Whether PostScript is a suitable language for projection and drawing 3D objects on paper is experienced. An introduction to PostScript aimed at EPSF use, in a nutshell, is included. How to obtain cropped pictures along with the conversion to .pdf is mentioned. An interesting observation is made: Bézier cubics, specified by begin point, the control points and the end point, are invariant under (oblique parallel) projection, which allows to project B-cubics efficiently. The efficient projection of (approximated) circles and ellipses has been addressed. For the evaluation of B-cubics de Casteljau's algorithm is used. Emulations in EPSF of Gabo's Linear Construction in Space No 1 and 2, of one of his Spheric Themes, and his Linear Construction Suspended, are also included. For the MetaFont afficionados my interactive version of old is also included.