Michael Guravage
MAPS 2015.2 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 46, 2015, 1-108
maps.pdf (17284kb)
NTG's magazine

Michael Guravage
Redactioneel (English)
MAPS 46, 2015, 1-2
01.pdf (29kb)

Erik Frambach
Memories of Kees (English)
MAPS 46, 2015, 3-4
02.pdf (6519kb)

Frans Absil
TeX/Shop Review (English)
MAPS 46, 2015, 5-7
03.pdf (496kb)
This paper is an introduction to and review of the TeX/Shop Mac OS X program for typesetting TeX/ document source files and previewing the output. Features of this tool and user experience will be presented. This information might be helpful to the novice user, looking for a TeX/ typesetting environment on the Mac.

Willi Egger
TextMate (English)
MAPS 46, 2015, 8-12
04.pdf (295kb)
When editing text or code on a Mac, TextMate is an excellent choice. It offers an abundance of features which makes it a great editor for TeX as well as the macro-packages LaTeX and ConTeXt. Editing HTML, XML and CSS is also supported, as are many other programming languages. Specially tagged texts are quick and easy to write, thanks to autocompletion and placing of start- and end-tags. Further the editor supports projects — a sidebar to the editing window that shows files belonging to the project. Another useful feature is the column selection method and the (near) end of line selection. TextMate offers a clipboard history, so multiple items can be retrieved. TextMate can be customized to a very large extent.

Sytse Knypstra
TeX/works (Dutch)
MAPS 46, 2015, 13-15
05.pdf (294kb)
Editor, Synctex, scripts
Van de vele beschikbare TeX- (LaTeX-, ConTeXt) editors is TeXworks een vrij nieuwe. Hij munt uit door zijn eenvoud in de gebruikersinterface, de koppeling tussen brontekst en pdf-resultaat en door een grote mate van flexibiliteit. Met behulp van scripts kan men in principe iedere gewenste optie zelf toevoegen.

Siep Kroonenberg
TeXStudio: speciaal voor LaTeX starters (Dutch)
MAPS 46, 2015, 16-22
06.pdf (648kb)
TeXStudio is de primaire LaTeX editor bij de TeXLive installatie van onze universiteit. In dit stuk wil ik laten zien waarom ik voor deze editor heb gekozen en waarom TeXStudio interessant kan zijn speciaal voor de beginnende LaTeX-gebruiker en voor een LaTeX-cursus.

Kees van der Laan
PSlib.eps Catalogue, preliminary and abridged version (English)
MAPS 46, 2015, 23-86
07.pdf (5104kb)
Apollonius, Bluebook.eps, CD-DVD label, Deubert, Escher, flowcharts, fractals, Gabo, Julia, Koch, Lancaster, Lauwerier, Lévy, Lindenmayer, Mandelbrot, Mondriaan, Op Art, orthogonal circles, Photoshop, pi decimals, PostScript, projection, PSlib.eps, Pythagoras Tree, Soto, stars, text along path, tiling, toroid, Schrofer, Vasarely
A selection of PostScript definitions collected in my PSlib.eps library and documented as e-book catalogue is presented. Now and then variant pictures have been included from pic.dat which comes with Blue.tex. Old Metafont codes have been included which may be useful for MetaPost programmers. Variants of pictures enriched by postprocessing in Photoshop show other possibilities. Escher's doughnut is a teaser which has to be done in MetaPost. Next to PSlib.eps comes the file PDFsfromPSlib, which contains the pictures in .pdf format. The complete PSlib.eps, PDFsfromPSlib as well as the catalogue as e-book, will be released on occasion of NTG's 25th lustrum which will be celebrated in the fall of 2014, on A prerelease will be offered to the GUST's file server. The (static) library for TeX alone pictures, pic.dat, packaged with Blue.tex, will be redistributed as well.

Kees van der Laan
Spirals in PostScript (English)
MAPS 46, 2015, 87-97
08.pdf (3581kb)
BLUe, Cardioid, Cornu, Escher, folium Descartes, Gyre-logo, hidden lines, Jackowski, Lauwerier, Lemniscate, Limaçon, Mathematica, MetaPost, Metafont, PostScript, Photoshop, polar coordinates, projection, PSlib, PSTricks, Spirals, Voss
Curves specified in Polar Coordinates can be elegantly programmed in PostScript with the rotate command; which performs rotations in User Space. This has been shown for the Cardioid, the Limaçon, the Lemniscate, the Archimedes and the Growth spiral. The Gyre-logo has been analyzed and imitated in PostScript. Printing of text along spiral-like belts on a sphere in the projection plane has been done, yielding poor man's typesetting text on a sphere in projection.

Hans Hagen
SciTE (English)
MAPS 46, 2015, 98-100
09.pdf (135kb)

Hans Hagen
LUA in MetaPost (English)
MAPS 46, 2015, 101-108
10.pdf (109kb)