Johannes Braams
MAPS 2002.2 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 28, 2002, 1-85
maps.pdf (1610kb)
NTG's magazine

Johannes Braams
Redactioneel (Dutch)
MAPS 28, 2002, 1
01.pdf (26kb)

Siep Kroonenberg
De NTG Flyer (Dutch)
MAPS 28, 2002, 2-4
02.pdf (110kb)
NTG Flyer

Piet van Oostrum
Nieuws van CTAN — Een uittreksel uit de recente bijdragen in het CTAN archief (Dutch)
MAPS 28, 2002, 5-7
03.pdf (59kb)
TeX, LaTeX, packages, CTAN, classes, memoir, KOMA script, soul, underline, ulem, mathpazo, fonts
Dit artikel beschrijft een aantal recente bijdragen uit het CTAN archief. De selectie is gebaseerd op wat ik zelf interessant vind en wat ik denk dat voor veel anderen interessant is. Het is dus wel een persoonlijke keuze. Het heeft niet de bedoeling om een volledig overzicht te geven. De uitgebreidere bijdragen zijn ook geen handleidingen. Beschouw het maar als een soort menukaart die de bedoeling heeft om de lezer nieuwsgierig te laten worden.

Michael Guravage
TUG 2002, Thiruvananthapuram (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 10-13
04.pdf (58kb)

Maps Editors, Patrick Gundlach
meta-euro (erratum) (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 14-19
05.pdf (230kb)
Euro symbol, MetaPost
How to create the Euro symbol in Metapost. Corrected reprint of this article in Maps 27.

Maps Editors, Hans Hagen
MathML Correction (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 20-24
06.pdf (23kb)
MathML, ConTeXt
Typesetting math in MathML using ConTeXt. Corrected pages of this article from Maps 27.

Siep Kroonenberg
Fonts for the MAPS (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 25-26
07.pdf (29kb)
fonts, texnansi encoding, virtual fonts, reencoding

Taco Hoekwater
ConTeXt System Documentation (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 27
08.pdf (19kb)
macro programming, ConTeXt, api, general, documentation
A new website exists that contains documentation for the lower-level ConTeXt macros. The URL for this website is This website also contains a full mirror of the pragma-ade website.

Maarten Wisse
Hacking TeX4ht for XML Output — The Road towards a TeX to Word Convertor (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 28-35
09.pdf (64kb)
This article explains how the author employs the TeX4ht convertor to manage multiple format (XML and PDF) output from a single Latex source by writing a TeX4ht configuration file and a Latex class file. Furthermore, it is explained how TeX4ht and the new OpenOffice package can be used to create a new Latex to MS Word convertor.

Karel H Wesseling, Hans Hagen
TeXExec User's Guide (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 36-52
10.pdf (114kb)
This guide describes the uses and options of the texexec program that is available in the ConTeXt distribution. The options are invoked by calls on a command line, which are words preceded by two hyphens as in —make. There are options for running ConTeXt on your TeX file to produce printable output, options to specify languages, an option to make listings of (software program) files word for word, options for conditional execution, for selecting pages to print, for printing on differently sized paper, for directing your output to a particular file, for conversion of SGML and XML to TeX. If it is no problem to you to use a command line and to occasionally look things up in the help file or in this user s guide, you will find texexec to be a useful, even indispensable tool for ConTeXt.

Wybo Dekker
The ctable package for use with LaTeX2e (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 53-58
11.pdf (40kb)
The ctable package lets you easily typeset centered, captioned table and figure floats with optional footnotes. Both caption and footnotes will be forced within the width of the table.

Wybo Dekker
mk — a LaTeX maker (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 59-64
12.pdf (48kb)
LaTeX, make, perl script
mk is a Perl script that, in close collaboration with vpp is helpful in the cyclic process of editing, viewing, and printing a latex document.

Wybo Dekker
vpp — View and (selectively) Print PDF and PostScript (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 65-68
13.pdf (36kb)
view, print, PDF, PostScript
vpp displays a PDF document or a PostScript document (after conversion to pdf) using gv, xpdf, or acrobat reader (in that order of choice), or perhaps another pdf viewer. One can use the viewer to print the document but, alternatively, leave the viewer and use vpp's facilities to print selected pages to a one- or two-sided hardcopy or an A5-booklet.

Frans Goddijn, Karel H Wesseling
Shifted bullets in graphs with MetaPost (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 69-72
14.pdf (36kb)
With MetaPost fully integrated in ConTeXt using this graphic language has become convenient. When we tried to use John Hobby's `' package, however, it turned out to require extra initializations and to produce unacceptable, shifted data graphs. Solutions to both problems are given.

Karel H Wesseling
A letterhead in ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 73-79
15.pdf (228kb)
non-guru, ConTeXt, MetaPost, layers, mode command
For years I have used a home-made logo in Pictex within LaTeX, together with name and address as letterhead. Separate versions for myself and my wife were pre-printed on an HP 300 DPI Laserjet. With MetaPost fully integrated in ConTeXt, we decided to convert to MetaPost and print the letterhead with each letter automatically. I used the versatile ConTeXt layer mechanism and the mode option.

Fabrice Popineau
Practical MetaPost (English)
MAPS 28, 2002, 80-85
16.pdf (230kb)
In this article, I will explain how to practically use MetaPost. This program is very different from usual drawing programs, but it fits very well in a TeX based typesetting system.