Privacy policy NTG

The NTG processes personal data and wants to ensure that this data are handled in a careful and safe manner. This document describes why and how that personal data is collected, as well as how it is handled.

This privacy policy will be amended when necessary, for instance when forced by changes in privacy law or when procedures within the NTG are altered. Therefore it is advisable to re-visit this document periodically.

This privacy policy has been written in compliance with the AVG which will be in effect from May 25, 2018 and as such it also complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is also effective from that date.

Data controller and processor

The Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep (NTG) (Dutch Language TeX User Group) is both data controller and processor of the stored personal data of its members. The NTG can be reached at the contact page on the website.

Stored data

The NTG differentiates between necessary, optional and other personal data.

Necessary personal data in the members database

For administrative reasons and to be able to function as a user group, the NTG needs to work with the following personal data of its members:

  1. unique member number, applied by the NTG, necessary for correct operation of the office
  2. membership type
  3. family name and initials, for all communication
  4. postal address, for delivery of physical mail like the Maps magazine and printed invoice for membership fee if no e-mail address or alternative invoice address is known
  5. e-mail addres, only of current members of the board
  6. telephone number, only of current members of the board
  7. year when membership started
  8. preferred language for communications (Dutch or English)

Optional personal data in members database

Besides the data indicated above, there are optional data fields in the membership application form which the NTG will store when supplied:

  • first name and preferred salutation (mr / mrs) for all communication
  • affiliation
  • e-mail address for delivery of digital mail through the ntg-leden e-mail mailing list and the membership fee invoice, if no separate invoice address has been supplied
  • telephone number
  • homepage
  • birth date, only for verification in case of a combined membership with senior member discount of the TeX User Group
  • Invoice address (postal address or e-mail address), for delivery of invoice for membership fee
  • additional information to be used on the invoice, for instance an administrative code number for the recipient of the invoice
  • residential address, if the postal address is a mailbox

Other personal data

For conferences and annual meetings, NTG keeps attendance lists specifying the members in attendance and those who cancelled. At international meetings, additional data are saved pertaining to affiliation, city and country and e-mail addresses.

NTG is the managing entity of the world wide TeX local user group (LUG) database. It contains the names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers of (board members of) the NTG and its fellow organizations abroad.

In the financial records, bank statements of the NTG are kept, specifying the names and numbers of the accounts from which funds have been received. The NTG does not save bank account information in the membership database. The financial data are saved for seven years for compliance with Dutch tax law.

Data in our 'former members' register

The member data base also contains an opt-in list of former members. In this list of former members all data are optional except member registration number, family name and initials. Members who are cancelling their membership can opt to be included in this list and if they do, they can decide which of the non-mandatory data fields may be conserved.

The data in the former members list will be saved permanently unless otherwise requested.

Perusal and correction of personal data

Any NTG member can request perusal of their own personal data which the NTG has stored. This can be done by sending a request to the NTG treasurer.

Furthermore, members can send a message to the treasurer in order to have the treasurer correct their own personal data in the membership database.

Removal of personal data

After cancellation of membership, the relevant membership data will be deleted at the expiration date of that membership, unless the member cancelling his membership specifies that their membership data may be conserved for the list of former members.

Requests based on the right to be forgotten can be sent to the treasurer.


Anyone has the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) if he or she feels the NTG has not properly handled their personal data. This can be done at Website Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Location of data

Membership database

The NTG treasurer is the manager of the membership database. When transferral of this task occurs, access to the member database is transferred to the new treasurer and all membership data (and access) is removed from the retiring treasurer.

The membership database is located exclusively on the NTG server. Only the treasurer has access to this database using a secure login and password. There are computer backups of this database on the treasurer's private computer and with the party hosting the server (Elvenkind B.V.) The membership database is not saved as a list printed on paper.

In order to send physical mail, address label files will be generated by the treasurer for the board member entrusted with this mailing and this board member will delete these files after use.

NTG Server

The server is a virtual hosting server shared with the ConTeXt Group and Boekplan. Besides the NTG website this server is also the location of the NTG e-mail mailing lists. The managers have access to the server using ssh, a secure login and password.


The NTG website is almost completely static html, uses no cookies, and does not save visitor data with the exception of IP-addresses saved in the webserver log. There is no webshop and no goods or products are sold using this website. Vistors to this website are not tracked, their behavior is not analyzed and no form of profiling is applied in any way. The sebserver logs are automatically deleted after six months.

Some website forms temporarily collect personal data which are sent to the relevant person within the NTG, but these data are not saved:

  • The membership application form collects information to include in the membership database. This information is sent to the NTG treasurer.
  • The news application form includes name and e-mail address of the sender. This information is sent to the NTG secretary and the NTG webmaster.
  • The grant request form includes name and e-mail address of the sender. This information is sent to the NTG treasurer.

All forms and the "members only" part of the NTG website are protected by https.

Access to the "members only" part of the NTG website is linked to the subscription to the NTG members mailing list: ntg-leden mailing lijst. Members who have unsubscribed to this list have thereby also cancelled their access to the "members only" part of the NTG website.

In the historic publication archive (in PDF format) there are attendance lists of earlier conferences and annual meetings.

The publication archive is accessible online and in consequence, these data are public.

Using the LUG contact page, the LUG database can be accessed, and corrections can be entered for consideration.

Mailing lists

The NTG manages several digital mailing lists. The list software uses a database which keeps a separate list of e-mail addresses and (if applicable) names of subscribers, besides an archive of posted messages. The list of subscribers and the posting archive can be configured to be public, or limited in availability.

Some of these mailing lists are for internal use by the NTG:

At the start of their membership, all members of the NTG are automatically subscribed to the ntg-leden NTG membership mailing list. Members of the NTG board are automatically subscribed to the ntg-bestuur mailing list. Members of the NTG Maps editorial team are automatically subscribed to the ntg-maps mailing list. Members of the NTG server management team are automatically subscribed to the ntg-server mailing list.

For these mailing lists, intended for internal use, online perusal of the list of subscribers and of the archive is only possible for the subscribers of these specific lists.

Furthermore, the NTG also manages the public mailing lists for discussion and deliberation pertaining to TeX use and development, such as the ntg-context and tex-nl mailing list. Application for membership of these lists is voluntary. The privacy settings can differ for each specific mailing list, but as a general rule the lists of subscribers are only visible to the subscribers and the archives are public.

Use of data

The NTG only uses the collected personal data in order to function as a user group. The NTG never shares these data with third parties, except:

  • when this is required by law.
  • when the member is also member of TUG (the NTG-TUG joint membership). In this case, the following data are made available to TUG in order to allow an effective TUG membership: membership number, membership type, remittance of membership fee for the current year, salutation, first name, initials, family name, postal address en e-mail address.

In (financial) annual reports, only derivatory data from the membership database are used, like current and historic membership totals. That way, these data are rendered anonymous.

Official for data protection

The treasurer of the NTG is the official assigned to oversee data protection, reporting to the board.