maps redactie
MAPS 50, 2020, 1-78
maps.pdf (8767kb)
NTG's magazine

maps redactie
Redactioneel [Editorial] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 1-1
01.pdf (23kb)

Hans Hagen
Waarom is een NTG lidmaatschap belangrijk? [Why is an NTG membership important?] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 2-2
02.pdf (36kb)

Frans Goddijn
Koffiedik kijken [watch coffee grounds] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 3-4
03.pdf (1201kb)

Dennis van Dok
Dagboek van een Informaticus [Diary of a Computer Scientist] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 5-8
04.pdf (68kb)

Verslag van de bezorger
Verslag van de bezorger [Report from the delivery person] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 9-11
05.pdf (1340kb)

Frans Goddijn
NTG oudheden [NTG antiquities] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 12-12
06.pdf (2224kb)

Frans Goddijn
The sound of data — Electronic TeX promotion in the nineties (English)
MAPS 50, 2020, 13-14
07.pdf (358kb)

Floris van Manen
De duizend-dagen-klok — elke dag telt [The Thousand Day Clock — Every Day Counts] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 15-17
08.pdf (55kb)

Markus Kohm
fancyhdr und scrlayer in trauter Zweisamkeit [ fancyhdr and scrlayer in cozy togetherness] (DE)
MAPS 50, 2020, 18-24
09.pdf (512kb)
There are various packages on CTAN that can be used to change the page style of a document. One of the most popular is likely to be fancyhdr . Another, more basic package is the KOMAscript package scrlayer . With its layer model, this package goes far beyond what a page style package usually does. Therefore, soon after the release of scrlayer , the desire was expressed to be able to use the layers of scrlayer together with the page styles of fancyhdr . With the experimental package scrlayer-fancyhdr this is now possible.

Sergey Slyusarev
Oliver Byrne’s “The first six books of the Elements of Euclid” in ConTeXt and MetaPost (English)
MAPS 50, 2020, 25-30
10.pdf (1312kb)

Taco Hoekwater
XML to PDF with ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 50, 2020, 31-44
11.pdf (189kb)

Herbert Voß
Schriften für mehrsprachige Texte [Fonts for multilingual texts] (DE)
MAPS 50, 2020, 45-45
12.pdf (207kb)

Philippe Vanoverbeke
A thing of beauty is a joy for ever — 29 jaar NTG lid, dat doet iets met een mens … [A thing of beauty is a joy for ever — 29 years of NTG member, that does something to a person…] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 46-48
13.pdf (341kb)
After just under three decades, I have finally decided to no longer renew my membership. Frans Goddijn asked me for a report about my experiences with LaTeX/TeX since 'then days' in the early 1990s until now… A long story of course, but also nice for me to look back at the past.

Hans Hagen
Performance again (English)
MAPS 50, 2020, 49-52
14.pdf (64kb)

Hans Hagen
All those TeX’s (English)
MAPS 50, 2020, 53-56
15.pdf (64kb)

Hans Hagen
Hidden treasures (English)
MAPS 50, 2020, 57-58
16.pdf (48kb)

Frans Goddijn
Knuth en Schuh (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 59-60
17.pdf (308kb)

Dennis Holierhoek
Mijn leven met TeX als student [My life with TeX as a student] (Dutch)
MAPS 50, 2020, 61-63
18.pdf (326kb)

Hans Hagen
ThreeSix — Don Knuths first colorfont? (English)
MAPS 50, 2020, 65-74
19.pdf (654kb)